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pundit n : someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field [syn: initiate, learned person, savant]

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From Hindi पण्डित, from Sanskrit.



  1. A learned Hindu, a scholar, especially having knowledge of Sanskrit, philosophy, religion and law.
  2. A scholar, teacher, or learned person.
  3. A professed expert in a particular field, as called upon to provide comment or opinion in the media.


a Hindu scholar
  • Hungarian: pandit
a scholar, teacher, or learned person
  • Hungarian: írástudó
an expert
  • Hungarian: szakértő, specialista

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Pundit or Pundant may refer to:
  • Pundit (expert), an expert or opinion-leader who analyzes events in his or her area of expertise in the popular media
  • Pundit (explorer), a 19th century term to denote native surveyors who explored regions to the north of India for the British Empire
  • Pandit, in India, a scholar or expert, especially of traditional Indian law, philosophy, or music

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